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    Faction Introduction and Guidelines


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    Faction Introduction and Guidelines Empty Faction Introduction and Guidelines

    Post  Zorsha on Tue Sep 08, 2009 9:13 pm

    Faction: GIJoe
    Level: 2

    Leader: Deer_Hunter
    Director: Zorsha
    Marshal: guanyu
    Marshal: Gerr
    Marshal: FlameShots
    Crafter: Necressa (level 5 blacksmith, tailor, craftsman) Zorsha’s Alt

    Objective: GIJoe (G.I. Joe) is a faction founded on three “F’s”; friendship, family, and fun. Our goal is to create an environment within Perfect World in which people have a positive experience playing this game. For many of us, this is a place to meet people, develop friendships, socialize, and escape the realities of life by exploring and advancing through the vast game which is Perfect World. We recognize that people log in to have a good time. To ensure that this happens a few guidelines must be discussed.

    • Whining and complaining will not be tolerated in faction chat. If you have an issue regarding the faction, a member of the faction, or any other grievance please whisper an officer and we will do our utmost to address your concern(s).

    • Do not take it personally or be offended if you request assistance for a boss, FB, or BH and do not get an immediate response. It could be that others are already involved in one of the above mentioned or might be ½ way across the map on a quest. Be patient! If you don’t get a response ask again in a ½ hour or so. If you know you have a cultivation boss or FB coming up then post a request for assistance on the forum. Leadership will monitor the forums consistently and we can set up a day and time to knock out your quest.

    • Do not attack white named players! We’d like to maintain a modicum of civility and random player killing = anarchy. There are enough people out there who do this and while we recognize this as a PK server remember the Golden Rule: Do unto others… We all know how frustrating it can be to be when questing, minding your own business, when along comes that a$$ who one-shots you.

    • Any shade of red: pure red, light red, dark pink, light pink is fair game. If you want to attack someone who has been involved in combat with another player that is a risk the other player has already demonstrated a willingness to take. Please remember that when you attack someone and are no longer white named you will be more likely to be attacked by other players. Note: if you do not carry Guardian Scrolls, (formerly known as dolls) beware losing your white name. You very well might lose equipment that is dear to you.

    Edit: Never Ever KOS cobra anymore, we r allies now Razz
    Thanks for your time and I’ll see you in the game,

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